Comicstrip number four, part four


Comicstrip number four, part three


Comicstrip number four, part two


Comicstrip number four, part one


Comicstrip number three, part two


Comicstrip number three, part one


A Monotone photographic image in tones of pink, of a man holding a fossil in one hand and a small plastic figure, with a square head in the other. The words "'Aracibo' plastic avatar" and an arrow point to the figure. And the words "Fossil sea urchin" and an arrow point to the fossil. The man has a moustache.
Instructional interlude


Comicstrip number two, part two


Comicstrip number two, part one


A 4 panel comic strip in pink, red, black and white. In panel 1 there is a monotone photographic image of the Arecibo Observatory. The words, overlaid in white read; "This story plays out in these places: Arecibo Observatory". In panel 2 there is a drawing of Space with pink, white and red stars. The words, in red read "Deep Space". In panel 3 there is a drawing of the earth in tones of pink. Red words read, "The ancient Earth". In panel 4 there is a monotone photograph of a beach and some cliffs. The words in white, "Telscombe Cliffs".
Comic strip number one.

Plastic Tat

Colour photo of a pink resin figure in clear plastic bag with a black, red and pink title card insert and illustrated cardboard label depicted the square headed figure.
Resin figure in clear plastic bag with title card insert and illustrated cardboard label.
Colour image depicting the reserve of the resin figure in clear plastic bag with title card insert and illustrated cardboard label. The following words are written in pink against a black ground on the title card: "Pure Electricity, Pure Data! A Message to Another World! A Traveller Through the Bleak Emptiness of Space! A Traveller Through Time! A Lover of Small Animals! Content with Their Own Company! Witnesser to the Awful Wonder of the UNIVERSE!"
Resin figure in clear plastic bag with title card insert and illustrated cardboard label.

I’ve made a short run of 15 resin Inaction figures based on my character Aracibo. These figurines are objects of power through which you can look back across vast swathes of time and space. Each figure is handmade and individually numbered, get ’em while they are hot.

Colour photograph of 9 pink resin figures arranged in a triangle, 4 at the back, 3 in the middle and 2 at the front.


A colour photograph of a piece of graffiti carved into a chalk wall. Weather worn letters spell out the name 'Jake '08'. The colours of the image are chalky white, creams and light tans.
Grafitti at Telscombe Cliffs

About 12 years ago Jake came to the beach at Telscombe Cliffs, just outside Brighton in the UK and carved their name into the chalk. I wonder what they are doing now?

Dead Giant

A colour photo of a water eroded, chalk (I think) fossil. The fossil is roughly circular with large bites taken out of it's top half. In it's middle is a bowl shaped hole. The hole is filled with green tinged water and there are small plants and animals living in it. The surface of the fossil is covered with crustaceans. Barnacles appear small on the surface, so the fossil must be large. The fossil is surrounded by clear water and you can see pebbles on the seabed. The colours of the picture are close hues of grey, creamy chalk, ochre, and light green.
Fossil Ammonite

This is a picture of one of the ammonite fossils at Telscombe beach. There’s no reference for size in this image (what an oversight) but I can tell you the fossil is around 1 meter across. Apparently it is 100 million years old. Standing next to it, I was literally staring down at the seabed of an ocean so ancient that when this animal was alive there was no-one to name it, no-one to be aware of it’s vastness. But geologists have reconstructed the landmasses and waters of that period and they have given them names, from this long distant perspective in time. Perhaps I was standing on the seabed of the Tethys Ocean? My knowledge of geology isn’t good enough to know for sure. Here’s a list of ocean’s I would like to visit, but never can because they are lost to time (are the places in this list more alien than places that might be visited in deep space today?):

Panthalasa Super Ocean. Lapetus Ocean. Pannonian Sea. Rheic Ocean. (I like the sounds of these words and how they feel as they rolled out of my mouth when I speak them.)