Yeah, so let’s do it in a different way. Let’s group it in, let’s just all of us trying to have a group chat with GPT. I just turn on the ChatGPT so we can have a conversation and then let’s see how is the capability. So, hey, GPT, we are a group of four people, five people. Yeah, and we are trying to experience or practice the creative process during our discussions. So, you can jump in to discuss anytime, but we may have several initial conversations or some ideas, and if you find it is a good time to step in, just tell me. All right, yeah, you can say, okay, if you’re ready.
Okay, I’m ready! Let’s start your creative process discussion. Whenever you have an idea or want to bounce something off me, just let me know.

I think it is, um…
It sounds like you’re still gathering your thoughts. What’s the main topic or project you’re working on today?

Yeah, today we have…
Got it, you’re deciding on today’s focus. Are you thinking about brainstorming new ideas, planning a project, or something else?

Feel free to join. I mean, our friend is in a Zoom meeting, so they are trying to understand how is the capability of the AI tools, and I think this is a very handy way to demonstrate the creative process. But I would like to invite my friend to join our conversation too. Well, maybe you can tell how they can step in.
Sure! Your friend can join the conversation at any time by simply sharing their thoughts or questions. If they have a specific idea or topic in mind, they can mention it, and we can discuss it together. Feel free to jump in whenever you’re ready!

Okay, maybe I just present my idea to my friend. I would like to invite ChatGPT as my companion and record my daily life, and it will become a diary or my personal journey. This journey will be a reference that creates a fiction character. For instance, it will be an instant me as a character, and then I will use this character as a… I will offer several backgrounds, let’s say it’s a sci-fi background or cyberpunk background or fantasy background, and it will fit in, become the main character of the story. What do you feel?
That sounds like a fantastic and creative idea! Using ChatGPT to help record your daily life and then transforming that into a fictional character in various settings could make for a rich and engaging story. Do you have a specific background in mind to start with, like sci-fi, cyberpunk, or fantasy? Or would you like some help exploring different ideas?

Or could you give me several variations about the background of the story?
Absolutely, here are a few variations you might like:

Sci-Fi Background: Your character lives in a futuristic city on Mars, where society is divided between the elite who live in towering glass skyscrapers and the working class who inhabit underground colonies. They uncover a secret about an impending alien invasion and must rally both classes to defend their home.

Cyberpunk Background: Set in a neon-lit megacity where mega-corporations control every aspect of life, your character is a hacker who discovers a conspiracy that could topple the corporate regime. They navigate the city’s dark alleys and high-tech surveillance systems to gather allies and fight for freedom.

Fantasy Background: In a world where magic is real but controlled by a powerful guild, your character is an ordinary person who stumbles upon a hidden magical artifact. This discovery thrusts them into a battle between the guild and a rebellion seeking to make magic accessible to all.

Post-Apocalyptic Background: After a global catastrophe, society has collapsed into scattered, warring factions. Your character is a scavenger who finds a relic of the old world that holds the key to rebuilding civilization. They must navigate dangerous territories and form uneasy alliances to achieve their goal.

Steampunk Background: In an alternate Victorian-era world powered by steam and clockwork, your character is an inventor who creates a machine that can change the course of history. They are pursued by secret societies and must travel across continents to protect their invention.

Do any of these settings inspire you?

Yeah, thank you. But I would like to take a pause here because I will jump back to the discussion with my friend and see how they feel.
Of course! Take your time to discuss with your friend. When you’re ready to continue or if you need more ideas, feel free to let me know. Enjoy your conversation!

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