My fellow resident, James Kong (be sure to check out his studio here) has written a post about how AI can aid accessibility, especially when it comes to image descriptions. I was really interested in how I could incorporate this into my own work.

As a disabled artist, I try my best to make my work as accessible as possible. This may take the form of subtitles, audio descriptions and image descriptions. It’s been interesting to see AI experts like James use AI to support the image description process.

I make disabled explainer content on social media and one of the more tedious tasks is image descriptions. Of course, it’s worth the effort, however, I often struggle with writing these descriptions because of the cognitive dysfunction that comes with my disability.

In my previous post where I spoke about ‘process’ and using Midjourney for the first time. I also used AI to support me with the image descriptions. Accuracy for image descriptions is important, so I didn’t rely on them completely however, I enjoyed how much easier it was for me. This is another example of AI being included in the creative process to increase accessibility for all audience members.

Below is an screenshot example of me using Chat GPT to write an image description for me. Interestingly enough, I’ll probably use Chapt GPT to write an image descriptions of the screenshot example.

Image Description: A screenshot image that shows shows a user interface for a text-based image description request. It includes an uploaded image and an AI-generated response. The image itself, seen in the screenshot, features a Black woman with long dreadlocks tied in a bun, pouring coffee from a French press into a white cup. She is in a cozy, well-equipped kitchen. The woman wears a colorful patterned top and bracelets, focusing intently on pouring the coffee. Steam rises from the cup and French press, indicating the coffee is freshly brewed. The scene is bathed in soft, natural light, creating a serene ambiance. The AI-generated description closely matches this depiction, detailing the woman’s appearance, the kitchen setting, and the overall atmosphere.

I think Chat GPT did an excellent job at writing the image description. If I were to use it in real life, I would make a few tweaks. Here’s what my edited version would look like.

“An AI generated image that depicts a Black woman with long, neatly styled locs tied up in a bun, pouring coffee from a French press into a white cup. She is in a cozy kitchen setting, adorned with modern appliances and a warm, homely atmosphere. The woman is wearing a colorful, patterned top and several bracelets. Her expression is focused as she carefully pours the coffee, with steam rising from both the cup and the French press, suggesting the coffee is freshly brewed. The lighting is soft and natural, casting a serene ambiance over the scene.”

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