Artist Introduction

For as long as I can remember, I have required subtitles/closed captions to be turned on while watching TV and film. In particular, seeing the description of individual sounds and music has always been fascinating to me. As someone who did not grow up with an experience of pop music culture, I always enjoyed the idea of rethinking what music sounds like in a more abstracted form; connecting the sounds to various emotions. Read more >

[sound of subtitles], 2021

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Audio description:

Audio Described version of [sound of subtitles], 2021

Closed Caption is for viewers who cannot hear audio and includes sound effects.

Subtitle is for viewers who can hear audio but cannot understand the language and does not include audio effects.

Most countries outside the USA and Canada tend to merge the two words into one in film and media – subtitle.

Standard subtitles are intended for ones who can hear audio but Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing include the information about background noise and speaker changes along with the translation of the script.

Open Caption means it is permanently embedded into the video itself- so it cannot be turned off by the viewer, but that means its style/size/colour can be determined by the creator ahead of time.

Audio Descriptions

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