Artist’s statement

Coming to the end of the residency means thinking about the route I’ve taken and the divergence and alternative pathways I’ve followed. Connecting to the other residency artists, – two of whom are based on other continents – brought me into contact with other creative ways of looking and thinking, and in turn encouraged me to create work that attempts to explain itself. Read more >

Click on each artwork to watch a film about the work and to view the artwork in more detail.

Black and orange print on off-white background. Five photographs of a woman’s face with text above and below.
Damien Robinson, AH AW (OR) OO EE UR (UR) The Long Vowels, 2020
Black and white portrait of a woman’s face, her nose and mouth covered by a mask printed in orange, with black text below.
Damien Robinson, TH and the Invisibles, 2020
Short text phrase printed in black with correction marks overprinted in orange.
Damien Robinson, the man who chases, 2020

Damien Robinson talks about the making and content of the work created during the residency. 

Image of Damien Robinson, a white woman in a pink t-shirt, holding a black and orange Risograph print.
Images of Damien Robinson producing Risograph prints