Damien is a visual artist working with digital and found media, mixing simple analogue approaches with higher-tech equipment and strategies. She re-purposes and recycles found and donated materials, exploring and intermixing contemporary and historical technologies. 

Her work was originally print-based and three-dimensional; based on children’s stories and toys, it was shown in venues as diverse as phone boxes and the National Art Library. Her practice developed through new media experimentation, influenced by artist collectives such as Mediashed and their open approach to technical and creative participation. Repurposing and misusing processes and technologies (often through lack of access to learning mechanisms as a D/deaf artist), allows her to discover new processes and outcomes, while exploration of relationships to older, overlooked technologies gives perspective on what we consider to be innovative.

She has developed works for traditional gallery spaces and unconventional environments – from wildlife reserves to fire training towers to maternity ward – often collaborating and co-working with other artists. Most recently this has involved co-creating work with Ruth Jones and “The Agency of Visible Womxn” (AoVW) exploring locally-based mutual support strategies. Their recent publication “A Snapshot of Southend as a Cultural Environment for Womxn Artists” was developed using a mix of digital and print-based approaches, allowing Damien to link her more recent practice with her love of printmaking.

Artist’s website: http://www.damienrobinson.co.uk/