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Bassam here, and welcome to this space where ill be posting some WIP images of a project I’m developing with˚ʚJennifer Mehiganɞ˚ .me and Jennifer have made a lot of work in the past, some short film works and lightTM Collaborations but this will be the most ambitious of our collaborative works.

we generally use the picture below as our portrait, Jen being the horse and me being the armored figure (time for an update as i think we are now maybe both horses ???)

We made this short film/video a while ago, and its functioned as a precursor to the work we are making together now. The work explored themes of divine retribution, queendom, and climate change through the lens of Catholic iconography, constellations, and Fallopia Japonica (Japanese knotweed). Through out the work you encounter images of embracing horses, highly stylized diagrams, floating eyeballs, a dead horse, a hand growing flowers out of its palm and other convulsing plant life.

I will be using this residency to build the world of the film we are making together, so ill be posting some images of character design, landscape layouts, portraits of computer generated flowers, CG outfits among other things. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

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I have been making some watercolours over the last couple of weeks. In the hope of slowing down my brain and enjoying the process of making art again. It felt like a really regenerative process and really allowed me to take in/reflect on the work i had made in the past few years while also looking forward to what im going to be making next

And recently in the last few days ive been turning some of the thoughts i had during making the watercolours into sets/ideas/thoughts for the film im making with jen.

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I took a break last week and dissapeared to the country side, it was magical mostly because i had very limited internet access. there was a lot of cows, rhubarb and ants (so, so , so many ants)

It really made me slow down and in that process I returned to drawing and watercolours. I finished a major project in November last year and havnt stopped since, so it was nice to decelerate and return to a more normal pace of life 🙂 :), Ill post some of the watercolours soon.

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some new character developments

today i have been developing a character that could represent chaos, Chaos is often personified as female within mythology, and usually defined as the anarchic mix of elements that existed in the Universe. Being born of no mother, father or matter – chaos is self-knowing about everything that happens in the Universe and beyond every moment and is ”omnipotent’’.

an image of a computer generated figure, the figure has two faces splitting/ mirroring out of the centre, the figure is wearing an unusual and blobby headdress, not unlike a medusa head of snakes.

I am thinking that in the film the character can be splitting and morphing, i have experimented with this in previous works, but now rather than being a distortion i want to imagine how chaos can take shape in a bodily form 🙂

And i have also been creating some characters that blur representations of mythological figures

a feminine centaur with an elf like face and ears, the skin is grey and slightly reflective, the centaur has grey hair on its head and along its abdomen. the figure is sitting in a body of water with its hands gesturing as if waiting.

this was an experiment with a centaur figure, me and jennifer have always loved using a horses in our work and with this work we are interested in blurring the line between human and animal.

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some recent thoughts

a way to think about death and decomposition when it comes to 3D models. digital flys cover the bodies but they show no sign of decay, seemingly staying animated beyond their death

an image of a computer generated figure, their bust is visible infront of a green background, their face is covered in large black glossy ants. the figures skin is gittery and their hair is black and tossled
an image of a bust of a computer generated figure infront of a green background, their face is is covered in a mess of polygons, the polygons are grey and seem to consume their facial features entirely

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