Visiting Holy Spaces

This video shares the journey to visiting holy spaces. It is a JOURNEY!

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African Cosmology

“Mapping the Universe.”

This chapter had graphs and images to show the Bantu Congo understood the creation of the Universe, the function of rituals for creating balance and how medicines(Nkisi) take care of the human being and its surroundings.

The “V” of life inspired how I could be the manifest and control the planes of existence. With this control, I have the spiritual power to create a universe. This is a universe for a transgender deity and the function of being a vessel for transformation.

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Anointed Garments

As a way of communicating and accessing divine vitality, anointed Garments become a token, and their symbolism is vital to the experience of creating rituals. It is not only representation but the surface/platform for the divine to be present within the fabric and in this plane. These garments facilitate becoming a vessel for the creation of a brand new universe.

How do I create an anointed garment? Colour is key. Colour communicates various meanings in this process, white is the colour of the garment I am creating. White represents innocence, purity, light and authority. Creating anointed garments requires personal cleansing rituals, prayer/meditation, and the offering of self. As part of this residency, I will become the mediator for a transgender deity, and white is the colour called forth.

I began the process with a collaborator to design and create a garment for the mediator/vessel here on earth. These are the current sketches of the garment. Upon completion, it will be offered to the deity and prayed for.

This Valentino show served as a form of inspiration. These Garments are other worldly. I enjoyed watching this show.

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Origin Of Transgender In Hinduism

The Hindu God of Transgenders

What I find exciting about this story is a supreme being, Lord Krishna, transitioned to form the Mohini avatar and blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity. Thus, being transgender is divine.

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Towards a Transgender Spiritual Universe

Chapter 2 – A spiritual Universe
‘The symbols that men use, masks, colours, numbers, names, and metaphors, all link up with the desired object; they are not dead symbols.’ pg26
‘The Material and the spiritual are intertwined, the former as a vehicle of the latter’ pg27
“The African sees these ritual observances as the supreme safeguard of the basic needs of his existence and of the basic relations that make up his social order…” pg27

Creating the spiritual universe of “Trumu Fetish” finds its footing in these two quotes. It is worth noting that this view is patriarchal, and I am searching for a transgender view and experience of African Spirituality. I aim to create rituals that safeguard the transgender experience and its spirituality-ladened body.

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