Amaqhawekazi Emafini Malamlela(She/They) is a Ghanaian-South African multidisciplinary artist. I have experienced and experimented with Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Art and Performance Art. The work I create is not only based on intuition but also informed by research. The artworks pose philosophical questions and challenge the boundaries of my creative endeavours. 

Their heritage partly influences their work, the Ewe tribe of Ghana and the Xhosa from South Africa. There is a strong sense of spirituality in the work they create. This potency informs how they boldly engage their body and the stories thereof. And through spirituality, they uncover and play with Science, philosophy and their sexuality. 

Emafini’s practice exposes nuanced ideas through their multidisciplinary approach and research. Their work is collaborative and sparks honest engagement with its spectators. They founded Pyramidkofi, an art house dedicated to creating art for marginalised groups, specifically underrepresented Transgender artists. Pyramidkofi is a space for collaboration and pushing the boundaries of art-making.

Portrait photo of Amaqhawekazi Emafini Malamlela