Artist’s Statement

During my time on the Vital Capacities residency, I was grappling with ways to bring together seemingly discordant areas of research across the affects & manifestations of Caste & Race, and how they intersect with technology. At the same time, I was experimenting with multiple media formats like AI based Image Generation and Creative Coding as well as Volumetric Filmmaking. Read more >

only traces, no beings

I made only traces, no beings to arrest a moment in time that ties together the research I was doing, influenced by various programs and tools I was using. It was a way for me to make sense of what potential tangents I might follow in the development of new work. Representing the iterative process of thinking through multiple artistic forms across different media formats (video, audio, volumetric filmmaking etc).

where is the howl?

where is the howl? is an extension of the thinking through sound I have been doing. I was desperately missing the outdoors when I created it and it represents an impulse to craft a sonic narrative to transport myself. In the film’s soundtrack, you will hear footsteps in a wooded area, overlaid with textural electronic sounds, the wind, and very faint splashes of water with an air of mystery. The title is partly a prompt to recollect a faint howl in the woods, and an homage to the Blues musician Howlin’ Wolf.


Touch illustrates some rough iterations of interactive video I created in Touch Designer using a webcam.

AI Face Generation

AI Face Generation is an excerpt of a web-based AI emotion detection algorithm. It represents the falsehood of the narrative that AI is somehow capable of detecting human emotions through facial expressions.