During my time on the Vital Capacities residency, I was grappling with ways to bring together seemingly discordant areas of research across the affects & manifestations of Caste & Race, and how they intersect with technology. At the same time, I was experimenting with multiple media formats like AI based Image Generation and Creative Coding as well as Volumetric Filmmaking. Looking at how prolonged exposure to technology interrupts bodily autonomy as we tackle digital & virtual versions of ourselves. I’ve also been doing comparative literary studies of the eminent Kannada Poet Dr. Siddalingaiah as well as the Black Beat Poet Bob Kaufman over the last 8 months. Thinking about ideas around vernacular language & translation as well as the broader role of language in the creation of ‘positive’ myths surrounding Artificial Intelligence & Technology.

My artistic practice at the moment is focused on developing counter-mythologies to popular discourse around technology, the ways in which it seeks to control & dictate our behaviour, the role of corporations & governments in upholding the fallacy of a tech-enabled neutral and autonomous future. These counter-mythologies unfold across several formats that learn from the active breakdown of harmful fictions around Caste & Race and form the speculative framework titled ‘Subaltern Futurism’.

The work I am presenting as part of this exhibition ‘only traces, no beings’ is a research document around notions of surveillance, bias & algorithmic injustices translated into an experimental film. It assembles a series of interactions with open access neural networks as well as incorporating       bi-lingual text, poetry, generative video, & sound design. Additionally, I am also presenting scratch tracks of sound works, rough cuts of videos & experiments in AI based face generation.

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