Sewer Sonnets

The Flowering Milk of The Boghead

U get lost in the bog.

The bog says: 
“Fuck power, all die Here.”

A text game built up out of image and audio descriptions. An audio track made by three trans people trying to make bogland sounds with their mouths. And a load of animated watercolour paintings of bog bodies, sprouting skulls and porcelain toilets.

Content Notes: ritual murder, rotting bodies, and an audio track largely consisting of ASMR recordings of someone very slowly eating a banana.

‘The Flowering Grace of The Boghead’ was written and designed by Sammy Paloma, as part of her 2023 residency with Vital Capacities.

The score was a collaboration between Rabindranath X Bhose, Sammy Paloma, and Oren Shoesmith, made on the ocassion of Rabi’s solo exhibition ‘DANCE IN THE SACRED DOMAIN’ at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (10/6/23 – 27/08/23). All audio descriptions featured were adapted from those written by Sarah Barr, Collective Gallery.

All featured paintings and a lot of the audio (shout out to Lottie Poulet) was made whilst on residency at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (May 2023).

Made using Twine, Gimp, and a cracked copy of Ableton.

With Twine support from Uma Breakdown.