Bassam Issa
Su Hui-Yu and XTRUX
Sammy Paloma
Shaima Ali

In May 2023, four artists took part in residencies on Vital Capacities – Shaima Ali, Bassam Issa, Sammy Paloma, and Su Hui-Yu & XTRUX – to explore and develop new work, supported by partnerships with Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), Shubbak Festival, Videotage and Wysing Art Centre.

Throughout the month the artists did research, tested ideas and created new work, working with our partners, web designer and digital inclusion specialist. Gateways is an exhibition of new work resulting from May 2023’s residency.

With thanks to Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN), Shubbak Festival, Videotage, and Wysing Art Centre. Thank you to Arts Council England for their support.

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Past Exhibitions

Residual Echoes
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