Greetings everyone!

My name is Siphenathi Mayekiso, welcome to my studio. I am a trained physical theatre performer/actor and an integrated dancer/choreographer. 

I regard myself as a storyteller and poetic mover. I draw my creative inspiration from different aspects of life, abstract images, philosophy, ideologies and history at large. I am fascinated by objects in space in relation to the body and the inclusivity of what is not part of the body to move as one while telling a story. As an artist I am at a place where I use my body as a catalyst in negotiating dialogues around inclusivity and body politics which circles the notion of being differently-able.

Being part of Vital Capacities residency is an extremely good opportunity for me to expand my knowledge in creating a virtual performance that seeks to be inclusive and accessible. There are a number of concepts/research that I wish to interrogate during the residency while weaving together the narrative using body in relation to objects. For instance, what does the phrase “being-in-the-closet” mean?

Please feel welcomed to look around my studio and the work I will be posting. Spoiler alert: It will be a collage of different images, audios and videos. 

Please leave a comment or questions for me in the comments section (below) for us to engage. 

I hope that you’ll enjoy your visit.

Siphenathi Mayrkiso

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Between the trails

In between the rail track lies a body. Ahead of the body is a white skeletal bone from a sheep head surrounded by many stones.

A man lies facing ahead, wearing a colourfully patterned face mask. One eye can be seen peeping out. The man wears a knitted light grey hat and jumper. He is lying face down on train tracks. In front of him is part of an animal skull, with teeth sticking out of the bone.

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A body in the ocean

A man stands on a very large widely spread out deep blue blanket, laid over a flat sandy beach. The man wears a dark blue wig, which partially covers his face. He is captured as though in mid-movement, preparing to spin or turn. The sea can be seen behind him in the distance.

The waves of a sea found a man. New hope resides in his turquoise hair. In one drop of water, the brutality of ocean is far away to reach him.

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The Trails

A hand pokes out of a white knitted jumper sleeve. The hand is close to the camera. Ahead of the hand is a rich blue sky, train tracks run either side of the hand, and below are rough grey stones.

A platform train trail awaits. A hand hangs in waiting. The hand hangs in the middle of the platform.

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Intro video by Siphenati Mayekiso

Siphenati introduces his work and ambitions for Vital Capacities.

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It all speaks about the last place we saw before we die. The last sound we heard before we die. The last word we heard before we die. The last active sense before we die. DEATH IS A JOURNEY ON ITS OWN!-Siphenathi Mayekiso

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