A collector of skills, Estabrak’s an award winning cross-disciplinary artist, film maker, facilitator and researcher committed to experimentation, inclusivity and a participatory arts practice.

Named one of “five incredible underwater artists” by the BBC, Estabrak’s works have explored the intersections between human behaviour, water and our environments. Referencing the external global and internal individual connectivity to each other and of water, her processes often attempt to center racial, social, humanitarian and climate justice.

Multi sensory in approach, she uses live techniques, film, projection, sound, performance, paint, installation, (underwater) photography, words and public participation to help highlight and dismantle ignored sociopolitical realities.

Water and beauty are tools for Estabrak to honestly focus on themes of love, trauma and belonging, whilst inviting community engagement to navigate the ever evolving and ephemeral human condition. Often prioritizing the process of making not just the outcome.

Based in London and working internationally, she is originally from Iraq, born in Iran and raised in London, after having come to the UK with her family as a child refugee.

Estabrak has showcased across borders from the Americas to Africa amd Europe to Asia. Along the way exhibiting at the Royal Academy of Arts, & Tate Britain. She has been supported by agencies including; the Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, Unlimited, Invisible Dust, Bagri Foundation, Red Bull and the Ocean Global Foundation. Her work has also been presented to the UN.

Artist Self portrait
Title: She/Her
Watercolour on Watercolour Paper