Kin (Cultura Plasmic INC) is a multi-pseudonymous artist and essayist from Newcastle upon Tyne. Often working with moving image, sound, installation, digital technologies and sensors, she critiques the monopolising forces of big tech and the relationship between surveillance and communication technologies. Her work often draws upon ecological imagery and metaphor to explore power dynamics within the digital landscape.

Her work has featured at: Cryptic Nights, Strangelove Time-based Media Festival (The Photographers’ Gallery, Turner Contemporary, Fabrica and Folkestone’s Quarterhouse); Model Village curated by Hotdesque, the Wrong Bienniale, This is Tomorrow, ARC Stockton, Digital Mental Health conference; European Convention Centre, Luxembourg; Artech conference in Portugal, the 10th international conference on digital and interactive arts, among others.

In 2020, she became a Sound Pioneer with Yorkshire Womens Sound Network and was selected for Autograph ABP’s Transforming Leadership programme. In 2021, she was HCMF’s Artist of the Month, one of Axisweb’s Five2Watch, released an album under then name Hurrian Cult Legacy, and premiered Crystalline Unclear with Cryptic. In 2022, she has published in Moving Image Artists journal, exhibited with Glasgow Museums at Kelvingrove Gallery and Outside In, and is curating and presenting an event with Autograph gallery called ‘Social Marginalisation and Machine Learning: defying the machinic gaze’. Website:

Portrait photo of Kin (Cultura Plasmic INC)