I am a CGI artist based in London.  I often working with animation and virtual world building, exploring audio interaction and non-linear storylines through game engines.

Throughout the residency, I will be using game design to explore different storylines that allow the player to experience their own audio visual interaction. As a continuation of my past project Tuner, the player will be navigating a rail network, traversing tunnels and caverns.  I am interested in the ability to use different assets throughout the piece as instruments, often relying on physics and experimentation as a tool of expression and exploration. 

In the piece the player will have a sense of responsibility to do good, with the ability to re-frame earthly conundrums in a digital sense. I am interested in what virtual worlds can teach us about our perceived realities outside of the digital realm and how these tools can be manipulated to question our perception of time and morality.  I find the contrast of generative and accidental audio to be an interesting and powerful medium, and hope this immersive experience allows the player to become a creator within the piece itself.

Artist’s Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/cliffordsage