Angela Su’s works investigate the perception and imagery of the body, through metamorphosis, hybridity and transformation. Her research-based projects such as Cosmic Call include drawings, videos, performative and installation works that explore the interrelations between our state of being and the advancement of technology. Central to these projects are video essays that weave together fiction and facts. Archival photographs, prints and film footages are systematically used by the artist to create a realm that oscillates between reality and fantasy. With focus on the history of medical science, her works challenge the dominant belief systems and contemplate the impact of technology on the past, present and future. In recent years, Angela began to explore science fiction as her creative medium.

For the residency, Angela will explore the sandbox video game Minecraft as a creative tool that blurs the boundary between the digital and physical worlds. The physical space of Cattle Depot Artist Village in Hong Kong has been recreated by VIDEOTAGE in one-to-one scale in Minecraft, the artist will take this opportunity to navigate and create in this virtual space. It is also in the artist’s interest to adopt a critical approach towards gaming, investigating how the digital and physical realms interact, influence and shape each other.