Aileen Ye is an Irish-Chinese interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and activist from Dublin. Ye graduated with an MSc in Sociology from Erasmus University Rotterdam, with a research focus on decolonising the aesthetics of moving-images. With a background in 16mm filmmaking and social research, she creates works that reveal entangled narratives and complex social structures about Asian diasporas, memories, and heritage. She encourages audiences to consider how stories from the periphery are informed and misinformed by socio-political structures and uses experimental formats to highlight the ‘experimentality’ of life. Since starting in 2021, Ye’s work has been showcased in Rotterdam, Haarlem (NL), London (UK), Taipei (TW), New York (US) and Berlin (DE). 

Currently, she works as a digital culture producer at The New Institute, Rotterdam, where she aims to redefine design and digital platforms through decolonial practices and finding applicable methods for ‘designing care’ and inclusive accessibility online. She is also active in social campaigns for labour and regulation rights for undocumented migrants and domestic workers, and co-runs a transmedia platform, Center for Reproductive Labor, to provide accessible information and educational resources on social justice movements and labour rights.