What’s Happening Artist? Vital Capacities artist studio preface 線上駐村藝術家做什麼?

Hello, my name is Tzu-Huan Lin. Welcome to my studio!

I am a Taiwanese artist living and working in Brooklyn so please bear with my English. In my studio you will find my research, work in progress and my Vtuber. Many times during artist talk people ask me about how I create video work? Does the narrative(story) come first or the image itself? It’s like a chicken and egg question for me, I like to see things Janus faced. Standing in the cross road makes me able to see the destination so I can make some detours on the way.

I want to present to you a project about my immigration experience during the past 10 years, the American Dream and Utopia. The idea begins with me painting sea turtles(海龜/歸). Due to my uneducated painting skills, the sea turtle looks more like an artificial satellite than what it should be. Then my research started with this artificial satellite from NASA back to 2008. When the satellite is getting retired, they will be sent to this place of sea called spacecraft cemetery which is located further east to New Zealand where it is thenfarthest place in the world to human beings. The place is called “Point Nemo” which means no one. In Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, he depicted Capitan Nemo, a mysterious antihero figure who drove Nautilus to travel underwater alone. In 2008 NASA retired their satellite “Jules Verne” to this place “Point Nemo”. For the satellite it might just feel like going home…

This is the project that I’ve been working on casually for the past 2 years and I feel that it is about time to work on these complex thoughts and put it together. During the residency I will also run an online workshop about mapping utopia, I promise it won’t be boring. So please feel free to come here join me, comment on the posts or like the posts I will read and get back to you asap! Enjoy.


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