Artist Introduction

There is a moment when I stop thinking about what I am doing and try to follow the stream of the events that I have been triggering. I imagine this is usually described as a process, something I perceive as a fragile balance between the practice and the initial idea. It is a moment in which the horizon behind and the imagined ahead come together. I am grateful to share this gravure with you now due to the pressure of the present, which happened between the carved plates behind me, and the resilience to the coming events. It is not an arrival nor a departure; it is a partiture.

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In the middle of the image, there is a ghostly drawing built with black ink hatches, distributed irregularly, resembling a memory surfacing again. It is my left ear, just two times bigger – a cyborg’s ear with a large pinna, a hearing aid, and a ring piercing secured with a little ball. The ear is outlined with deep marks embossed in the paper, without ink. Around the composition, handwritten style, and stamped with a rich bumpy texture are readable the words WHAT DO YOU HEAR? in capital letters. The relief in the paper makes me want to touch it.
score, program, script (working title), 2022
Engravure on paper, thinking on ableism, inaudible sounds.

Aquafortis cm 30 x 40 on handmade Hahnemühle 300 g/m²,
printed by Marica Rizzato Naressi at zzkap – zusätzliche zeitgenössische Kunst auf Papier.

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My right-hand fingers are running along the profound outline of the drawing, the ink feels fragile and disappearing, while it is possible to feel the crunched texture left by the plates on the paper. The fingertip touches scorched, but it is still silky here and there, mainly where the plates did not press on the paper’s surface.
Details of score, program, script (working title), 2022

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