I used this residency as an opportunity to investigate deeply my relationship to the path and walking. My research revealed that the paths I love best are fantasy places, imaginative landscapes where everything is perfect and I am happy, and at the same time real spaces, where I am or have been challenged, confronted by my own failings and frailties. Every remembered or revisited path is a palimpsest of movement, memory, sensory experience and meaning. 

The works you are about to hear, see or interact with are word drawings or poems, made by taking all the writing on paths and walking that I produced during the residency and passing it through word cloud software, which mixed up the text. Pasting the mixed text into a word document resulted in more mix-up so that words were strung together, making new words, sounds and meanings. I further worked these enmeshed words adding determiners and conjunctions to improve readability and rhythm. 

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