Artist Introduction

Water and glass have been significant tools for me over the past year to further develop my practice and explore fragile yet powerful realities.

Both these mediums respond to light in extraordinary ways and both can be incredibly empowering yet critically dangerous. For me, there is a fine line between danger and beauty especially with the underwater work that I do and this is something that has been easily translatable into glass works too.

For this exhibition, I’ve decided to share some of my most recent underwater photographs which brings underwater some of my hand made glass sculptures. In particular I have brought into the water hand made backgammon pieces, where I’ve used my head to model the pieces from.

Note: *fractals are described to be: ‘a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos’

For anyone interested in knowing more, below the images you can find a recorded audio voice over as well as text, giving a little more detail/explanation as to this work and some of the ideas/thoughts behind it. Fell free to listen/read if you are interested.

It’s also important to note that at this stage of exploration, I’ve not given any sizes or mediums of print for these pieces as it’s all a work in progress, hence all the titles for the images are ‘working titles’ also.

Outside of this residency with Vital Capacities, different aspects of this work have been supported by The Glass Foundry (Cotswolds), Marlborough Productions (Brighton), The Bagri Foundation (London) and Unlimited (Yorkshire).

©Estabrak / all rights reserved.

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