Shaima Ali is an artist from the destroyed village of Beit Thul in Palestine. She uses sculptural elements and video art to explore the liminal space between the personal and the collective, where it  is a point of intersection and where it is a point of departure. She draws her inspiration from that which demands an interruption to the every day. Her art is political in that it refuses to take on a singular perspective, preferring to reflect the mixture and entwinement of politics in the day-to-day of the Palestinian individual through their life, hopes and dreams.

As an artist with disabilities, who lives in palestine, under colonial and societal control that mixes in the life of the Palestinian individual’s life, sense and  dreams, as the artist needs to be in constant development that gives his work’s progress, enlightenment and freedom from every disability that restricts him, and prevents him from walking and expressing everything that he feels and thinks. 

Art has an effective role in overcoming every physical or moral constraint. Also art helps artist  to build a clearer bridge towards self, and what he wants from life and arts, and it helps to exceeds the fears.

As the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz said “Fear does not prevent death, but it prevents life”