1. Romily Alice Walden’s work is concerned with physicality and its interplay with other social categorisations and power differentials.
  2. At the core of their practice is an interrogation of contemporary embodiment and its relation to the Post-Internet age.
  3. Walden’s work questions contemporary western society’s relationship with care, tenderness and fragility in relation to our bodies, our communities and our ecosystem.
  4. These themes are explored with a focus on the IRL/URL paradigm; Romily is interested in our ability to navigate the progressively interwoven online and offline facets of our lived experience, examining the effect of this progression on the way that we understand physicality, interdependency and vulnerability.
  5. As a queer, disabled artist, Romily is interested in the production of the ‘other’; exploring the power of ‘othered’ bodies to instigate changes in perception and normative cultural discourse.
  6. The vulnerability of the body has served as a focus for Walden’s practice since 2017; recent work seeks to disturb overly simplistic understandings of the disabled body, looking to bring an ethic of care, a connection between the land and the body, and a cripped concept of performance into conversation with their practice.
  7. ‍Walden’s research interests include: cyborg theory, disability theory, crip theory, queer theory, post-humanism, autoethnography and utopian/dystopian futures.
  8. Their practice spans installation, sculpture, performance, text, video and coded arduino control systems, all of which is undertaken with a socially-engaged and research-led working methodology.

Website: https://romilyalicewalden.com/