Laura Lulika is a chronically sick and disabled queer artist, working predominantly with video, sound, writing and performance.

Their practice explores themes of care, sexuality, labour, sickness and performativity in the everyday and is driven by the rhythms, movement, and rituals within daily activity. Lulika’s work is inspired by that which is available to them when they spend long periods housebound, such as popular and digital culture as well as domestic spaces and local communities.

They enjoy collaborating with others and often work with their partner and primary carer, Hang Linton. They strive to work in interdependent formats which reflect the care needs of themselves and everyone they work with.

Lulika’s practice involves the embodiment of unconventional care methods that are playful, inquisitive and which shed the layers of shame that are attached to othered bodies. Looking at accessibility from various perspectives, they attempt to work outside of common capitalist artworld structures in liminal spaces that are not dominated by structures of oppression, creating in person and digital ‘Softer Spaces’ for other marginalised people.

Lulika is an initiating member of the collective Sickness Affinity Group.

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