Hamza Mohammed Beg is a Muslim artist. Able-bodied and brown, he was born in London and claims heritage in Mauritius, Pakistan and India. Hamza is self-taught and trained through all artistic mediums he employs. His work spans from performance and poetry to sound design and video collage. His work functions in research cycles in which the topics being investigated indicate the mediums of expression being used. Hamza has presented work in a variety of contexts that range from the academic to the popular to the completely insignificant. His current project (MOMD) offers an opportunity to discuss the relationship between hip-hop and the South Asian diaspora; teasing out larger postcolonial discussions about technology, gender and spirituality. He is simultaneously creating a platform for those that identify as Pedestrians as part of a larger body of work centred around collective ritual, the right to the public space and the creation of ideology. This latter project will see him delivering workshops on PEDESTRIANISM as artist-in-residence in Tallinn, Estonia and Lagos, Nigeria before the end of 2022. Hamza can be found in the kino, on the pitch or at the mosque.

Portrait photo of Hamza Mohammed Beg