Bella Milroy is an artist and writer who lives in her hometown of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She works responsively through mediums of sculpture, drawing, photography, text, writing, gardening and curating. She makes work about making work (and being disabled) and not being able to make work (and being disabled). This process-based practice is fundamental to her as a disabled artist. She is continually motivated by concepts of public and private spaces and where the sick and/or disabled body exists within them, themes which emerge throughout much of her work. 

She is passionate about contributing to the cataloguing of disabled artists, as well as advocating for better, more accessible and enjoyable working experiences for disabled artists across the industry. Examples of this are found in many of her curatorial projects such as Soft Sanctuary (2019-2021), Mob-Shop (2021), and Further Afield (forthcoming 2024). She was Artistic Associate at Level Centre, Rowsley, Derbyshire 2021-23.

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A digital photograph (portrait, colour) of what looks like someone sat in a powered wheelchair on a sunny day. They are turned to the camera smiling softly with one knee lifted and their head on their hand. They are in a grassy field with a large bush of spring flowers behind them. The person has pale, white skin and rosy, round cheeks with short brown hair. They are wearing black trousers, black sandals and a green long sleeve top. The image is nice and the setting sweet.