As part of my artist residency exploring AI and inclusivity, I’ve been utilising the AI assistant Claude to make my visual content more accessible. One simple yet impactful way I’m doing this is by having Claude generate alt-text for the images I share. πŸ—οΈ

Alt-text is a written description of an image that gets read aloud by screen readers, enabling people with sight and vision impairments to understand the content of visual media. It’s an important part of making the web more accessible and inclusive. ✨

To create the alt-text, I simply upload an image to my conversation with Claude and ask it to provide a detailed description of what the image depicts. For example, for the photo of me in the Welcome the the Studio post, Claude created the text below (with a tiny few tweaks and edits from me first!):

“The image shows Shrouk working intently at their colourful and creative electronics lab. Shrouk has an afro hairstyle and is wearing a brightly coloured dress which is mainly deep oranges and reds with intricate patterns. She is working on a printed circuit board with an oscilloscope, seemingly deeply focused on the detailed electronics work or experiment they are engaged in.

Shrouk’s workspace has an artistic, energetic vibe, filled with various bright decorations and objects in oranges, pinks, blues and greens that match Shrouk’s expressive and unique style. The photograph captures a moment of concentration as Shrouk applies their skills to an electronics project, with the vibrant atmosphere of the lab reflecting Shrouk’s creative personality and approach. The setting suggests Shrouk is bringing an imaginative flair to their electronics work.”

Descriptions like this capture the key details in a clear, concise manner. Using an AI assistant to quickly produce high-quality alt-text at scale can make the process of adding this important accessibility element much easier. What used to be a time-consuming manual task can now be largely automated. πŸ€–

This is just one example of how AI tools can be harnessed to make content more inclusive. I encourage other creators to explore using AI to generate alt-text and to continue to come up with innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies in service of accessibility. Together, we can make strides toward a more inclusive digital world. 🌈 πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸ’–

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