A silhouette image of a woman with brown hands showing on a door.

Welcome to my studio, where I can share my practices and my experiences.

This space belongs to an emerging Palestinian artist called Shaima Sheikh Ali or “Mohammad Ali”, since the israeli colonial forced us to change the name of our family in the “israeli ID”!  

My multimedia art explores the liminal space between the personal and the collective, which is a point of intersection and a point of departure. I use sculpture and video as the main elements in my installation art.

The most common challenge that artists in general and the Palestinian artist in particular, is experiencing challenges of all political, societal and religious censorship that may be imposed by the authority, in which this external censorship gradually turns into self-censorship imposed on the Palestinian self. Internal control requires deception and covering up of information we know about our real issues; this comes from the womb of truth and reality.  Access to this information raises the value of freedom of expression and critical thinking.

In addition, there is a scarcity of supporting institutions, and lack of Palestinian artistic platforms, especially in Jerusalem, due to the restrictions and oppression imposed by the colonists. Parents also have power that can limit their children’s progress, and impose their control, which prevents them from taking important steps towards what they want. In addition to these challenges, physical disability also has a place, which I struggle with in particular. It’s the reason why I can’t access some exhibitions and art residencies; a situation that makes the everyday difficult, and makes the difficult impossible.

This residency will give me the platform that I need to expand my experience in order to share it with you. I am excited to be on this residency on Vital Capacities, to develop one of my techniques that I previously developed for one of my artworks.

You are very welcome to take a look around my studio, and if you have something that you want to say or to share with me please feel free to leave a comment.

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One thought on “Welcome to Shaima’s studio

  1. Thank you Shauna for such a thought provoking exhibition. It’s also very beautiful with imagined and real images. I love the view from the Damascus Gate and will think of you up there next time I visit. I hope Shubbak Festival was a wonderful and productive experience, I look forward to hearing all about it, best wishes Martin

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