During the last days, I spent quite a lot of energy preparing plates for etching. I am working to prepare a work on paper that will be also a tactile experience, the preparation involves different metals, sanding, and polishing. I am learning how to approach the different surfaces, their acoustic responses, and tensions.

I am curved on a copper plate, secured to a working table with clamps, holding one side firmly with one hand while scraping off the edge with a machinist's file. I am wearing light fabric gloves with rubber palms.
Shaping the edges – bisellature – of the copper plate.
a copper plate and an aluminum one, same sizes on some newspaper. The copper one is more rounded and shiny, the aluminum is sharp edged and opaque.
The plates ready to be polished.
A self portrait in the mirror-like surface of the copper plate right after polishing it, holding my smartphone with two hands, I wanted to document the shape of the plate and its rounded edges.
Very satisfied with the polishing!

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