Is it possible to separate our thinking of sound from the ear? If the ear is not experiencing all of the sonic spectra how can be understood that the human body and the cyborg body can be resonators, captivating vibrations that communicate sounds through a distributed nervous system? I am looking at the digital devices that we are using in our daily life and all of those have a “silent mode” turning sounds into haptic responses. Little bells grayed out logo or crossed out speakers. Still, those feel loud, vibrating, calling for our attention.

Close up of my left hand, open, palm up. I drawn my left ear in the middle of the palm with a special tattoo-ink, and then covered with a foil to protect the ink while absorbing.
There are a lot of tiny details that I can see trough the foil but I did not photograph properly, sadly all of this turned in a stained stamp-looking effect very quickly.

Understanding the sound beyond the ear made me think of disappearance at first. Then I started to reposition my ears on the other parts of my body where I am experiencing sound. Exposing ears all over our skin to remind each other that is not only the tympanic membrane that understands sonic space. Ears all over the body, it is a cyborg’s proposal.

My cat is sniffing closely my left hand, curious about the temporary tattoo.
My cat love to sniff the ink, between companion spaces we both enjoy the plant based liquid. I can feel the breathing and the purring, those are bright sounds.

I am quite unhappy with the first sketches but I wanted to be transparent with the process, I am going to work with different outlines.

Close-up of my left hand, palm up. The ink developed properly and it is quite dark on my white skin. My left ear is recognizable but not sharp as I was planning to.
I will work on a different drawing, the ink lines expanded and the drawing looks more like a stamp rather than an outline. Left me disappointed with the final result, will work more on this soon.

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