Hello! My name is Aileen and welcome to my studio. I’m an interdisciplinary artist, meaning I dabble with different mediums – filmmaking, decolonial research, visual art, and social activism. I’ve always been fascinated with unravelling power dynamics and the concept of ‘diasporas’ by exploring the meanings of reimagined / ‘imported’ heritage, practices, and culture. This also links to my research practice where I examine wider social infrastructures and ideologies that proliferate discriminatory practices.

This residency is exciting as this gives me space to combine research, philosophy, and art into one format. An idea I’ve been wanting to explore is confronting the human fascination of archiving and digital death (or ‘immortality’). Maybe it’s paradoxical that this will remain within its own ‘digital archive’, but I’m not aiming to provide an absolute answer. Through a decolonial framework, I’ll look at how technology controls and negotiates the ‘display’ of one’s death (as we are merely curating that ‘archive’), and how this power affects traditional practices and emotions. Perhaps this is also a way of confronting a topic I’ve always been afraid of.

Please feel welcome to look around my studio, at the work I’ve posted up – there are images, videos and text. You are welcome to leave a comment or questions for me in the comments section.

Hope you enjoy your visit 🙂


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