Illustration of Ellis drawing as a child. Mixed media artwork with elements of photography, pencil and digital drawing.
Artist- Ellis Lewis-Dragstra

Hi I’m Ellis Lewis-Dragstra, full time freelance illustration artist. The main commission work I get is creating album artworks for various musicians. Despite not always being aware of it, In my work I am interested in exploring the relations between art forms. Especially music, having synaesthesia music has always also felt like a visual artform to me, and possible a bigger influence on my work then actual visual artforms. I am entirety self-taught and feel this has led me to pick up a lot of “bad” drawing habits which have developed into my own style. 
In my own personal work, I try and embrace the freedom of not having any brief and create something over a few weeks/months that means a lot to me. Examples of past projects have been influenced by themes of Family, Nature, Dreams and the process of creating itself. No matter the theme I like to find connections between things that people don’t usually consider but can relate to. Being an artist that works by hand with mediums like watercolour/paint but also digital illustration on photoshop, I notice there is sometimes a hierarchy of paintings being put above digital art. I try and fight this notion of “high” and “low” art by mixing both together in my work. Therefore my influences can come from everything from the artist Bosch to the old Looney Tunes cartoons and everything in between. With this range of influences, I have always felt creating art was a balancing act between my inner child (the artist) and my adult side (the editor), who cuts out what’s unnecessary giving an artwork more direction and intention. This process can be a visual conversation or argument. What I love about art, that I try and embrace in my own work is that it has as many meanings as there are people looking at it. Please feel free to look around my studio where my creative process will be updated stage by stage resulting in a new piece of work. Thank you! 

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