Digital photograph in colour. The colour palette is mostly shades of green (leaves, plants, weeds, moss) and grey (rocks, stone slabs, dead grass). Different rocks and broken stone slabs pile up on top of each other, while grass and weeds grow in between. The photo was taken from a squatting position, so a bit of a higher-up angle. Overall, it strikes me as a harmonic image that invites the viewer's eyes to traverse the surface of the photograph.
digital photo (1) of a micro landscape with stones and grass from an afternoon spent on the Laines Organic Farm in October 2021.


Today is the first day of my residency with Vital Capacities and Both Sides Now. So I thought I’d post some pictures of soil – for things to grow. I said it before but when the virtual studio’s layout doesn’t remind me of Tumblr themes, it reminds me of a garden patch.

Devil’s dykes’ past performer Rosa Farber explained to me that the soil on their family’s vegetable farm is a very very special kind. It is rich in all those minerals that I can’t recall but that sounded important, making that soil a sort of miracle. I know very little but I could sense its power. I am holding the image of the soil’s rich heavy potency in my mind.

Below are two photos of the actual soil, and my first proper attempt at recording an audio description. Digging your fingers in the soil you can find nearby is a valid and great alternative to my rambling.

^ in this audio, violet vocally describes the three photographs in this post ^
A digital photograph in colour. It is a micro photo because it focuses on very tiny objects: a close up of dark brown soil that looks like clay and tiny green sprouts coming out of it.
digital photograph (2) fragment of the soil at Laines Organic Farm.
A digital photograph in colour. At the centre is a white hand with a silver ring lifting up a green pumpkin that has the words "KILL DA BILL" popping out of its flesh. Next to the pumpkin you can see Rosa's boot and at the bottom of the image you can see wet luscious clay-like rich sparkly soil.
digital photograph (3) of the soil at Laines Organic Farm, but most importantly it shows Rosa’s boot and Rosa’s hand lifting up leaves to present a green pumpkin that has words “Kill Da Bill” popping out of its flesh.

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