My creative process is participatory, collaborative, and inclusive with a focus on disability, neurodiversity or history. It is also multidisciplinary, with materials and approach informed by the theme of the project. I have an interest in using digital technology creatively and finding new tools to create art. I am neurodivergent and due to my dexterity, I am always looking for new innovative ways to create art that is accessible to me and others. A big part of my creative practice is finding accessible tools to collaborate with others to create art that doesn’t seem like you are creating art. I have an MA in Inclusive Arts Practice from the University of Brighton and have a background working in museums with young people. I was awarded a place on the Shaw Trust ‘Power 100’ 2018 list of the most influential and inspirational disabled people in Britain. 

A photograph of me, Jess at my University of Brighton MA end of year show. I am standing next to my final piece of work called 'Neurodiversity Museum'. The exhibition walls are painted cream and on the walls are 3 glass cyanotypes and 4 paper cyanotypes. I am leaning against a plinth which is the same colour as the wall and covered in felt tip pens. On top of the plinth is a polystyrene head. The polystyrene head symbolises Percy F. the first person to be diagnosed as dyslexic.

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