Seecum Cheung, Eviction in Shenzhen: Part 1, 2019, Resident in Hubei Old Village, Shenzhen (still from film)

Seecum Cheung’s current work is an ongoing series of films based upon interviews and encounters initiated by the artist with leading specialists in the field of right-wing radicalism, human rights and activist groups, politicians, and affected citizens. 

Often conducted in collaboration with journalists, academics, and human-rights groups, Cheung works to question the emancipatory and political potentials of social equity, human rights, participatory politics, justice and the ‘legal’ citizen, amidst the political structural violence of the now.

Recent films include extensive interviews on the rise of the far-right in Germany, with political journalist and writer Richard Cooke & SBS Public Broadcasters (Interview with Lennart, 2016); coverage of the Dutch elections with writer, musician, broadcaster and curator Morgan Quaintance (The Dutch Window, 2017); a study towards the inequalities found within cancer care treatment, commissioned by NHS England in collaboration with equality and human rights charity brap (Inequalities of BAME patients Cancer Care Study, 2018-19); and most recently, the gentrification and total eviction of local residents and business owners within Cheung’s ancestral family village in Hubei, Shenzhen (Eviction in Shenzhen, 2018-ongoing). She teaches ‘PowerPlay’ at Willem De Kooning Academie for the Social Practice Minor.


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