The white ghost like figure is clearer, almost dancing holding out to embrace. We see Nadine more clearly in her wheelchair, her long hair dishevelled.

My brakes who at times fail me

yet have always been in reach

when I need to stop

and be still. 

The handles, that have made it okay

for others to reach out and come up close

I have learnt that your presence

will always fill the rooms we enter

and that that is not

a bad thing.  I have learnt

that we are one and you are not the other. 

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One thought on “One, not other

  1. “I have learnt

    that we are one and you are not the other. ”

    This is so beautifully written. The love you have for your chair comes shining through all your posts. Its such a positive empowering message. I have a friend who uses a chair and I think she feels very much the same way you do.

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