Artwork created by Damien Robinson entitled Ah Aw (Or) Ee Ur (Ur) The Long Vowels. The image shows 5 identical women's faces in black and white, they are wearing peach/orange coloured surgical facemasks. A row of 3 at the top, and 2 on the bottom. Printed on a white background. At the top of the image it says: AH AW (OR) OO EE UR (UR). At the bottom the image it says: 'COVID Lipreading Guide: The Long Vowels and the Importance of Stress'
Damien Robinson, AH AW (OR) OO EE UR (UR) The Long Vowels, 2020

An article written for Arts Professional by videoclub & Vital Capacities’ director, Jamie Wyld on art, accessibility and digital inclusion. The article can be read on Arts Professional by clicking here.

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