A venn diagram of two interlinking black line circles. On the right is the text 'Sports and Fitness \People' and two semi transparant images, one of a very muscly man shown topless from the abs upwards holding a gun shaped massager with the end ball on his chest emitting vibrating rays. Just to his right is a woman in sports wear with a blonde ponytail, holding the same massager with the ball on her shoulder, she has her eyes closed and she is smiling. In the left section it says 'People with chronic pain' with two images, one is of a woman from the behind angle and from the shoulders up, she has her hair in a bun and she is smiling and holding a large arched stick onto her shoulder. The image is black and white and the point on her back where the massager stick is touching is a red glowing patch. Above is an image of someone lying down shown from the chest upwards, they have an inflatable looking neck brace type apparatus around their neck, their eyes are closed and in the background their are some skeleton bones. In the middle section it says 'body massager machines' and there is an image of a a blue glowing graphic person from behind, hunched over with their spine visible and glowing yellow, in the foreground there is a back massager that looks like a black cushioned tray, there is a spine flopped over it glowing purple. There is a small black lemon shaped pump floating to the left of the massager.
A venn diagram I made

I am really interested in the aesthetic, performative and sculptural qualities of at-home health, care and wellness apparatus. I have used some in the past within installations and performance costumes. The vast array available symbolises a huge deficit in the care we receive from conventional Western health care systems. Many people seek out different types of at-home remedies due to a lack of access to a diagnosis and the required treatments, usually as a result of the structural ableism, racism, classism and fatphobia that is rampant within our healthcare institutions.

I noticed recently that one of these items, at-home self massaging devices, have become appealing to another group. I have always known them in the context of people with chronic pain but I recently saw adverts containing sports personalities endorsing them for pain related to sporting activities.

I find the way these items are advertised often very creepy and unsettling. They are usually demonstrated by perfectly polished and glowing, mannequin-like or cyborg-esque, smiling slim white women. I don’t think anyone really looks like this when they are reaching in desperation and pain for their neck hammock or ice pack hat, I definitely don’t.

A person with a purple padded hat or cap that covers the entire head and comes down over the eyes and to the end of the nose. They are smiling with their head tilted upwards with blonde straight hair sticking out the top of the cap.
A smiling person with brown hair tied up in a ponytail and a white vest top on. They are smiling with eyes closed looking content. They are visible from the chest upwards with their back against a door and a black hammock or sling under their head attached to a black strap which goes up to the top of the door with another strap hanging down being held in the hand by the person using the apparatus. A small circle of another image is in the top left showing the other side of the door with the end of the strap attached to a black ball.
Two older people sat at a table facing each other visible from the waist up, they are smiling and looking happy. In the foreground on the table is a round disc like piece of equipment. It's black with a golden spine glowing centrally and wavy blue lines around it as well as 3 buttons either side on both sides.
A thick purple pink belt with small white spiky discs attached to it.
A person lying down wearing a sky blue and grey padded full body suit with several grey straps on the torso and legs. They have some kind of thick black and white mask over the top half of their face and they are lying on a pink hospital bed which seems to be floating in mid air. There is a plastic tube coming from the center of the torso attached to some kind of white gadget which is on the bed. In the foreground their is another floating white appliance with several grey wires coming out of it. It has a black screen with blue text on it. The sleeves and trousers have no hands or feet coming out of them and the entire image has an eery futuristic quality.

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