With a mid noughties, year 9, gelled up hair style and matrix like glasses, we are getting roared at by a man in a muscle suit and tight leather trousers. His hands are clenched in fists at waist height, knuckles facing each other so the bulging suit and rounded arms create a strange ring of meat.

I have been working with fashion designer, Max Allen, to literally build a body. You can see the final product in my studio. I am going to use this costume for a choreographic film experiment, superimposing this performative figure onto my own physical body. Here is some of our inspo:

Like a super hero, fists on waist and chest puffed out, stands Big Daddy. Thick thighs shoot from calf high black boots. A white leotard has Big Daddy written in block capitals. They are wearing a union jack crop top that is split down the middle, exposing the deep circular neck of the leotard. Big Daddy has an emotionless face, rather large and shiny chin while sporting icy white hair.
On top of a green background is a person in a red hoodie and white bib. We can only see their chest, no hands, no head. They are wearing a white bib which saying 'Doping Control' in bold, black all caps.
A comic book image. On top of a glowing red background, we are shown the transformation process of Jennifer Walters into She-Hulk. From grey to green, busting and shredding from her normal clothes, She-Hulk dominates the image with her wide stance, big hair, big muscles, big tits and tiny white and blue leotard.
A person with long dark hair and black socks stands there with a wide grin and one fist raised like they're about to pump it in a 'YES' type celebration. This person is wearing a comically large inflatable muscle suit with beige skin, dark brown muscle contours and a red bikini.
Macho Man Randy Savage in all his might, standing on stage beneath a spotlight. Wearing a yellow cowboy hat covered in red stars with a big sparkly 'M' on the front, he is wearing 80's shutter shades, has long brunette hair and a big fluffy beard. Randy stands legs wide and arms flexed to create the shape of a very thick pitchfork. He is wearing a black jumpsuit covered in tassels. One half red, the other half yellow. Randy also has tassels tied around his arms to emphasise his already bulging biceps.
A yellow cycling jersey with red shoulder sections. White, red and blue sponsorship logos litter the jersey to a landfill like state.
A bright and colourful, candy bar like, collection of football scarves from across the world. They run vertically up the image with all text turned 90 degrees clockwise also.

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