A selfie I took this morning wearing my England  tshirt. The perspective is  from eyebrows to stomach. My face is tired and expressionless and my eyes a bit watery because my baby has been waking me every hour during the night for a week. My hair is unsurprisingly messy and unwashed, hanging wavy at shoulder length. I have blue eyes and a small piercing above my top lip. The shirt is white and a cheap almost see through material, the sleeves are capped and my arms are showing slightly with some messy black outline tattoos, a smiling alien on the right and a brain on the left. On the chest of the tshirt it says 'ENGLAND' in red capitalised slim bold letters with silver glitter outline. The lettering is backwards because the phone has mirrored the image. On the left of the lettering is a red rose with a green stalk and leaves. Underneath is some silver glitter lettering in what looks like Japanese letters. I don't think it's a translation of ENgland because I looked it up and it looked different so I have no idea what it says.
My tshirt.. does anyone know what it says underneath?

I found this tshirt for two quid from a shop round the corner from my house. I’m not really into patriotism but I’m feelin pretty underwhelmed by the games I’ve seen so far and I want to try and get into the spirit while watching at home. Let’s hope tonight’s game is a little more exciting!

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