If you head over to my studio, I wrote a review of the Euros opening ceremony. These are a few images which capture the moments that inspired me. I hate mascots that try to look like real people, where is the fun in that..

It's a football stadium, the stall are half full in the background. On the pitch are eight dancers in grey jogers and white tshirts, all stood in a power stance two meters apart from each other, above them floats a large cloud of smoke in red, yellow, green and blue. Poised amongst the smoke is an aerial dancers being raised by a large collection of spherical balls decorated with the patterns and colours of Euro flags, they are being assisted by two people wearing blue holding onto ropes from the ground on the left.
Euros Opening Ceremony Aerial and Socially Distanced Choreography with flag balloons.
A mascot which has been made to look like a human with short brown hair wearing a blue and white Euros hoody, in a staged photo opportunity situation in a studio, hugging the Euros trophy with their right arm and holding a football in their left. Behind them is a blue background with a graphic design of the stadium on it.
FILE PHOTO: UEFA Euro 2020 mascot Skillzy poses with the trophy marking 100 days before the start of the Euro 2020 soccer tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia, March 3, 2021. REUTERS/Anton Vaganov
Ronaldo in a press conference, sat down, mouth slightly open, holding up a unlabeled bottle of water in his right hand, behind is a background covered in small logos. Top right is a circle with an older image of him inside, wearing a tight red nike vest and holding a can of coca cola in front of him and smirking.
Ronaldo at press conference with bottled water
A photo collage of three images, on the left is a close up of some red coca cola cans, overlaid in the middle is a photo of ronaldo wearing a tight red nike vest and black joggers holding a can of coke in front of him and smirking. On the right is a larger image of him wearing the same outfit with the can of coke balancing on his right shoulder as he looks confidently down the camera, his muscles accentuated by the studio lighting and plain white background.
Ronaldo coca cola advert
The Euros logo, an aquamarine background with some slightly visible ball graphic design embedded in it, with 3D looking floating footballs scattered across the screen overlaid, all with different patterns and colours on. In the centre is a logo of the trophy and blocky people gathered around it in different bright colours with their arms up. Under it has the white text 'UEFA EURO 2020'
Euros logo
a virtual performance at the opening of the Euros football league. Performed in a black virtual stadium filled with blue twinkly lights, on a stage are two real human performers, one is a man holding a guitar wearing all black on the left and on the right a man wearing all black playing a piano. Floating above them is the large blue cgi head of Bono, the lead singer of the band u2, he is wearing glasses and his head is made up of small dotty drifting blue and white lights
U2 Opening ceremony virtual performance
The Euros trophy standing proudly and extremely shiny on a clear glass table in front of the empty stadium. The grass is green and the stands are red in the background.
The shiny Euros trophy
 another blue cgi image of a large group of people stood in rows in the stadium, their are bright stadium lights shining around them, they are all wearing black trousers and baggy tshirts that have a symbol on them of a heart with a cross inside. They looks like some kind of cult.
Blue CGI people

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