The page from [reading] [sounds] I posted earlier last week produced a question that has been pondering on my mind- what word could be used to represent silence in the subtitle?

I wanted to share the responses I have collected from people during my work in progress show during my MA year 2017. I had a sketchbook laid out in front of the audience asking the question “WHAT IS SILENCE?”

The answers I received were all different and made me realise that silence can be represented in a poetic and abstract way.

Below is the digital collation of selected answers from the sketchbook.

Colourful short handwritten words on white background. From top to bottom order, writings say: "ignore...", "silence is when you truly listen" "PEACE", "Silence is comfort", "Stillness", "silence ≠ empty", "tranquility", "silence is when nothing moves", "very little sound", "silence is recuperative & engaging", "no sounds, only self", "EMPTY ROOM","seeing","silence is when you & ur date don't know what to talk about", "silence is my sexual life","BREAK FROM THE OUTSIDE NOISE", "Nothing, absence of sound", "harmony","silence is movement of one moment to the next","another way of communication","Absence","The absence of interference","INTERNAL SOUNDS/MOTION","The space between.... A moment of thought....","listening to other things","I love silence". There is little diagram on upper right side- which has circle drawing with little x inside. x has a little line drawing right below and the word below the line says SILENCE.
Collection of responses to the question “What is Silence?”

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