A meme with a black background with transparent red hearts, overlaid is an image of tweety bird, a small cartoon yellow bird from Looney Tunes. They are wearing a red bandana, a white vest, gold necklace and baggy blue jeans with black and white sneakers. Their facial expression and slouched body gives the impression that they are confident. Their left arm is on their hip and their right hand holds up a smoking gun. At the top of the image is bold capitalised shiny text with a white background that says 'OK BOTCH CALL THE COPS'. At the bottom of the image is capitalised fire flame writing that says 'I'LL HAVE SEX WITH THEM'.
Tweety Call the Cops Meme

Tweety Bird, whose gender was intentionally ambiguous in the original Looney Tunes cartoons, is one of the first and only examples of a non-binary character in mainstream media that I really relate to. I even have them tattooed on my arm with the word ‘LADETTE’ (see below).

I love how Tweety’s persona has continued to develop outside of the cartoon narrative in memes, one of my favourite being the one above, although I can’t find the original creator to credit them. Does anyone know? 

A close up image of the side of my arm. On it is a medium sized tattoo of Tweety Bird, a cartoon bird from Looney Tunes. It is a black outline tattoo. Tweety is wearing a hoody and large trainers, in their left hand they are holding a tinny and in their right hand a smoking cigarette. They are winking their left eye. Over the top of their hooded head it says 'LADETTE' in old school tattoo style writing.
Tweety Ladette Tattoo

In the cartoon, Tweety survives constant harassment and attacks from Sylvester the cat, all while being a physically small and sometimes unassuming creature, although a crafty and clever side is suggested. Proof that it takes more than hyperable physiques to survive the energy vampires of this world. Looney Tunes played with the ambiguity and fluidity of gender with many of their characters and it was never targeted at a specific gender audience which I think is unusual for a lot of children’s mainstream entertainment.

I made a little Tweety meme myself below using some of the vast collection of images I have of unofficial Tweety costumes.

A meme with a grid presenting nine different unofficial tweety costumes. At the top it says 'which tweety are you today?' and  I would describe the costumes as follows:
1. Floating walking tweety with an elongated head and smiley face.
2. A flat faced tweety with a surprised look and hands raised.
3. a box head tweety
4. A squishy faced side eyes tweety.
5. A creepy slightly angry tweety with a comb over.
6. A cute bulbus unassuming tweety looking down like they are a bit embarrassed.
7. an intense but also somehow expressionless tweety waving one hand.
8 a smiley tweety with a long thick neck.
9. a man with a yellow onesie on and the hood is a bulbus slightly angry looking tweety head ontop of his head. He has his hands on his hips.
Tweety Meme

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