A portrait format image of a person kneeling on the floor with their head in their hands. You are stood next to them looking down at their tensed up body from a side profile. The person has dark brownish auburn hair which is flopping off their head, their face hidden. They are wearing a black unitard with some holes in the bum and leg, over the top is a lilac gym tank top with some lime green text on it visible from the side. The person has white skin with some black line tattoos scattered around their body. Their floor is a deep blue carpet rug with a dusky pink and green dragon on which looks like it is curling around the person and looking straight at them. In the background is a stack of vinyl records leant against a grey wall, a small wooden stool is on the left and a purple fleece blanket on the right.
Lulika keeled over on their knees, head in hands, on their living room floor.

I wanted to be in the studio more over the past days but I got hit with a pain and migraine flare up. This usually involves at least three days of me lying in various positions, looking like I’m the slow-motion action replay of a football dive or foul. This image shows where I spent some of Saturday. It was FOUL.

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