Black and White image of person's hands touching clay on top of wheel to get ready for throwing on the wheel. The person is wearing buttoned up shirt and the image only shows the hands and lower body. Behind the person, there's blurred image of shelves filled with bottles.
B&W image of a person’s hands holding the clay to throw on the wheel
A coloured image of person's both hands shaping the clay which is revolving quickly on a potter's wheel.
Coloured image of a person’s pair of hands shaping a piece of clay
The intertitle page that says "Soft spots should be eliminated." The background has textured vertical streak as it is an old archive film.
Black screen with a line that says “Soft spots should be eliminated.”
The hands of a Japanese Potter holding a brown glazed round ceramic piece. At the bottom of ceramic, there lays a yellowish white coloured bamboo mat that are lined with black lines. On the right there's another brown glazed ceramic that is long cylinder shaped with long neck.
Japanese Potter’s hands holding the ceramic piece
A pair of hands breaking up clay placed inside of a metal bin- the person is wearing suit and is only visible at bottom part and sleeves.
A pair of hands breaking up the clay in metal bin

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