An infographic image with a photo of two lobsters in what looks like a white tank with their pincers held shut by red and green rubber bands. They are facing each other. Underneith there is white text on a black background which says, 'Lobsters pee out of their faces. Their bladders are located in their heads and they urinate through nozzles under their antennae. When fighting another lobster, they'll pee in the face of their opponent.'
Lobsters pee out of their faces via

As someone who has to catheterise themselves regularly, due to my disability, I’m understandably quite into anything related to piss and urinating. I often use cardboard hospital bedpans in my work and simulate pissing in live performances.

A pissing contest or pissing match, as many probably already know, is an idiom that describes a situation where two or more people are competing with each other to show superiority, usually pointlessly.

I was happy to discover that pissing contests also exist in a literal sense where participants compete to see who can piss the longest, farthest, highest or most accurately. There are even Guinness World Records held in the sport. A woman in Italy is the current world record holder for the farthest piss created a 30 foot golden arch, although I can’t find her name.

Not only that, during combat, lobsters accompany their largest blows with a large squirt of piss out of their faces. Their bladders are located in their heads and they have nozzles under their eyes and antennae, where they release urine to communicate during mating or fighting.

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