Screen shot. An island floating outside the circular space. Inside the space is multiple stars and a big sun.

I ran three workshops during the residency. Each of them had eight participants signed up for different occupations. I create a virtual journey ran on Hubs by Mozilla. The journey to utopia start with a train trip then traveled to several worlds to learn the idea of utopia and what other utopian did. At the end of the workshop, the participants will co-create a utopia that solved different problems in that specific world.

Screen shot. Several houses on astroid, a cat meme gif on the right, below is a pink pig. A big sun at far side and earths. A pizza floating and several gifs.
Residencial area

Spacetopia is an interesting world. There’s no gravity in space so everyone will be flying. The spacecraft broke and they stuck here. The utopians have enough food and water but they will need to decide whether to stay here or prepare to explore another world. If their team chooses to stay, they will need to build settlements, food, facilities… etc. If their team chooses to leave, they will need to split the team to work on base to repair the spacecraft and the other to explore places to build outside this galaxy.

They played both part, built a settlement and explore the outer space. Here’s what they build and what they found.

Screen shot. A camp site with bonfire and tree. In the middle is a portal to another world.
At outer space there’s a island, on top of the island is the camp site. A teleportation is there.
The future world at year 5000, the land is pink, the sky is blue with amazing gradient from dark blue to light blue accompany with neon green light, neon red light. Only one time machine on the ground. Super future like feeling!
The future world at year 5000
Screen shot. Back to the space. A volcano in the center back. A weird space dog like animal on the left. On the front is a waterfall with some green trees.
Volcano and some weird animal
Screen shot. A time travel portal like spiral tunnel in purple and black. With an orange butterfly in the middle and an ape at the further side.
A time travel black hole?
Screen shot. A weird flow at front left bottom corner. Astroids floating at back with three earths and a big sun.
Three earths
Screen shot. The big sun. It has extended rays floating in yellow and orange with some purple dots floating too.
big sun
Screen shot. Inside the earth. A shit in the middle...
inside the earth is a shit…
Screen shot. In the space some white transparent light beams in the center.
some light beams
Screen shot. A far view of the whole utopia they built. A sun, astroids, earths.
kind of bird view from distance

This Utopia is created by “A Train to Utopia” workshop participants, the name of the participants were display in the utopia tower. To access it please contact me.

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