This is a screen shot of the bird view of the Tree House Utopia.
At the center is huge trees with facilities. Looks like an island is next to it and a pirate ship.
Birds view of Tree House Utopia

I ran three workshops during the residency. Each of them had eight participants signed up for different occupations. I create a virtual journey ran on Hubs by Mozilla. The journey to utopia start with a train trip then traveled to several worlds to learn the idea of utopia and what other utopian did. At the end of the workshop, the participants will co-create a utopia that solved different problems in that specific world.

This is a screen shot. The other angle of the utopia. Several trees with connected wooden board. The utopia had some trees and natural landscape. Must be artificial.
Trees connecting by wooden boards floating on the sea.
This is a screen shot. A view of beach, pirate ship, rock-ish island.
A view from center of the island

The tree house is a classic scenario, due to climate change in the near future the water raised and flooded everywhere. People living on these giant trees.  The problem is there‚Äôs not enough food and water for all of you, you will need a clean water system, food system, laboring system and a thing that gives people hope.

Here’s the island with their approach to food system, water system, city center, recreation and landscapes.

This is a screen shot. A red and white stripe lighthouse on the tree house. A well at the edge of the wooden board.
Lighthouse on the tree house
This is a screen shot. A "G" shape working space perhaps. At the far side of the image is a restaurant like building sit on top of the tree.
A working place perhaps…
This is a screen shot. A bunch of green land with gif images. These images are sheep, chicken, pika chu and a image of chief at the far side. It looks like a farm.
Farms with sheep, chief and Pika Chu
This is a screen shot. Six TVs floating at the left part of this image, and a baseball stadium on the right with crowd cheering.
Some TV with Korean Oppa and a baseball stadium
This is a screen shot. Three red/ pink vending machine lined up on the wooden board.
vending machines
This is a screen shot. A sea park like layout. A man made landscape at middle with rocks, greens and a fox? A Orcinus orca jumping off the sea at right and two red octopus at the far side.
sea park?

This Utopia is created by “A Train to Utopia” workshop participants, the name of the participants were display in the utopia tower. To access it please contact me.

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